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Thread: Carenado PA28 Dakota

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    Default Carenado PA28 Dakota

    Hi all,

    I have finally decided to give FSX a go and have been gradually digging out my payware
    AC to install. I have abit of a passion for Carenado GA aircraft and have being slowly loading
    them into the sim. All was going welluntil I loaded there Piper Dakota.

    Although this was originally a native FS9 AC, the pack that I downloaded sometime ago is
    FS9/FSX compatable and I loaded it into FSX and then installed the FSX upgrade that came
    with it, although I believe this only addssome external views and a thumbnail jpg, I installed
    it as instructed anyway. The AC loads fine, but I seem to be missing something in the VC,
    as I can see the runway in several places, thats never a good sign, surely.

    I have enclosed a screenshot and highlighted the areas that are causing the problem, and
    it is no different inwindowed or full screen mode. It works absolutely fine in FS9, and I am
    not yet using DXT10.

    I have checked the Carenado website for any other updates, but there are no other updates
    available. I know that any texture that is completley black will be transparent in the sim,
    so I wondered whether this may just be a case of finding the texture sheet and editing it, or
    its just a case of "that as good as it gets".

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated as I love my little "Piper Fleet" and as sad
    as that may beI would be a bit miffed if I can't get the Dakota to work at a reasonable level
    on FSX.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dakota.jpg 
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Size:	277.9 KB 
ID:	203125

    Thanks in advance, and cheers to all you great simmers out there.

    Richard C
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    Listed solely as a FS2004 product by Carenado.

    Never updated for FSX as far as I remember, so there's no update and no fix.

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    You have a few missing gauges. Probably gauges are installed, but can't run in fsx, only in fs9. That happens when gauges were made using fs8 sdk. Those can run in fs9 too, but not in fsx.

    Fix is to manually install fsx gauges that do show up in these spots.
    You add the new gauges to the panel folder of the aircraft. Then edit the panel.cfg file so these new gauges will show. To make then show in the correct location, you use the same gauge coordinates that the non-showing gauges have.
    This editing will have to be at the bottom of the file, in the [VCockpit] section.

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    Actually, if these missing gauges do show up on the 2d panel, you can use the gauges from the [Window01] section. Find the lines that make them appear, then copy them to the VCockpit section. (and adjusting the coordinates).

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    Thanks for the replies. I was kinda hoping it was just a texture issue, because I cant
    see any gauges missing when I compare the FS9 install and the FSX install, and
    looking at the throttle lever and prop lever, it just seems like it is texture missing.

    This is the same aircraft in FS9, no missing gauges or holes in the VC

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DakotaFS9.jpg 
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Size:	347.7 KB 
ID:	203167

    With regard to upgrade to the FSX install, I have enclosed a couple of screenshots
    of the Carenado readme file and the installer that I used, which I assumed would
    give the AC some sort of FSX compatability , perhaps I am expecting a
    bit to much, and to be honest, I have other Pipers to fly so its not that much of
    a problem if I cant get it to play properly, just wish Carenado hadn't made out
    that I was compatable with FSX

    Installer info:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dakota1.jpg 
Views:	25 
Size:	256.6 KB 
ID:	203170

    Carenado readme:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	readme.jpg 
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Size:	162.9 KB 
ID:	203171

    Confusing to say the least

    Cheers for the input anyway

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    Ok, that's not missing gauges then.

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    That is not a gauge issue, it is a compatibility issue.

    Either you are not using Acceleration or SP2 as required, or you are using one of those and the fix was pre-SP2.

    Are you using the DX10 Preview mode?

    the Bean
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    Hi Stringbean,

    I think you may be right, I am using SP2 but not DX10 as yet, and looking at the date
    of the update, it looks like it may well predate SP2 so it looks like a compatability issue.

    I installed the update into a separate folder and it only contains a few files, an AC cfg
    file and a panel cfg which are probably only for camera definitions. The only other files
    are a thumbnail and a batch file for the install. I have had a look at all the textures
    using the SDK imagetool, but cant see anything that could be edited, so I guess it is
    just the way the VC displays in FSX

    Just as a matter of interest while I am on the subject of textures, is there any
    performance gain by removing the mip maps from the AC textures, I know that its a
    good idea for AI, but I seem to think I read somewhere that they are not really needed
    for flyable aircraft, or am I getting confused with removing airports scenery mip maps
    to reduce shimmers


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    How about (if you don't want to see the runway, just hit F9 for VC, then hit the "+ sign " button your keyboard. That will draw your panel closer to you and fill the screen where you're seeing the runway on either side. (Also, can adjust it back away a little at a time by lightly tapping the "minus button.") Do whatever suits you, but I'll tell you truth, it's better up close for me because I barely can see some of Carenado's gauges, especially their 2D panel on my Stationair--nevertheless, it remains my favorite!

    (Of course, this won't solve the missing texture issue.) Oh, btw, if you have the FSX Gold Edition (with Acceleration), you should do a system check--mine says I have DX11 installed.

    Good take-offs!
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    Hi bushp04,

    Thanks for the reply, I think thats the best solution, like you I find the gauges difficult
    to see, even on my larger monitor, but I love the Carenado GA aircraft, I have flown a
    fair few in the real world, and they bring back a lot of memories of my time in NJ and
    NY in the mid 80s , home airport N07, great days in a great country with great people.

    Favorite Piper single is easy, PA24 Commanche, favorite Cessna, P210 Centurion, now
    thats what I call piston singles

    happy landings

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