Howdy folks,
after Air Berlin and Fly Niki went bankrupt LaudaMotion, the new old Airline came alive. But first a little bit about LDM:

In 2004 Amira Air started their business with executive flights out of Vienna and some other Austrian airports. At the begin of 2016 Niki Lauda, a former Austrian Formula 1 champion and founder of Fly Niki and Lauda Air took over Amira Air and renamed it Laudamotion. They continued flying business jets out of Vienna Airport which they are still doing today (now it's named Laudamotion Executive / ICAO: LDX / Callsign: Lauda Exec)

After a few months of work we finally open Laudamotion Virtual for all virtual Pilots. By now, we are still in the public BETA but we are continuously working on it. Currently we can offer one of the most advances ACARS system, a modern leader board and a lot more...

We are looking forward to having YOU aboard of our VA.


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Benjamin 8)
LDM Virtual CEO