Good Afternoon all pilots, members and non members of this group.

I am Emma Poole the HR Director for FSvas, We are a company that strives to help new people with the help they need to run a virtual airline.

the hard work is done by the company and then all the owner would nee to do is promote and fly within his own virtual airline.

what is unique about FSvas is we have been successful to be able to implement buying and leasing of aircraft as well as delivery flights and also maintenance of your operational aircraft as well as a full flight training academy as well to the airlines.

every airline will have live 24/7 support either through live chat or our ticket system through there airline of choice.

So far we have 2 airline on board with the new unique software called Blizzard due to the white nature of it we have vEnergy Air and vPrime Air each airline has has its own CEO and staffing.

if you want to now more on FSvas of services are , Web hosting, FSvas Software, Domain, Email Set Up, Software Install , Live Support, Future Upgrades..

For more info on wanting to set up your airline for as little as £15 PM feel free to get in touch with my self..

Emma Poole
HR Director