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Thread: Working On Paul Golding's Airbus A310 Panel For Fs98

  1. Default Working On Paul Golding's Airbus A310 Panel For Fs98

    I'm working on Paul's Airbus Panel but I'm missing all the sound files for it. I get a couple of missing sound error warning but the panel works great! If anyone has the whole panel or just the sound files I'd appreciate it!


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    I think that i have that panel but i can't remember the filename.I haven't enter FS98 a long ago,due to the facts that i am flying with the modern sims fsx and fs2004.I used FS98 when i get a nostalgia attack,but it eventually lost the game together with the PC(i had the old pc,used for older games,but it stopped working possible due to CPU.

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    Thanks, Someonehere!


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