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Thread: TimeStay. lua

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    Hi Ian.
    My use of XP11-1120 is very limited. I only use it for IFR practice, and very rarely.
    I find it very limited when it comes to using it as an instructional tool for VFR training.
    It's during Sunset with low clouds, or IMC. In the VFR / sunset I start it and it stays there within that 60 seconds time.
    In IMC is basically the same time window, but others may find the ability to enable / disable it at different / any times useful, the above Script should work for them.

    One thing I was not able to accomplish using LUA is to start a session with the "hialt" selection for Sky color, it seems to default to "mount" and I found no way around it. Do you know of a way to do that?

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    Not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve, what does hialt and mount mean? Do you know if there are datarefs for what you are looking for?

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    Hi Ian.
    These are choices you can select in Developer>Sky color menu in XP. It sets mount:=1, and I think that is one type of Colors available. If you set the hialt=1 the colors of the sky change.
    My goal is to have the XP colors default to "hialt" but I cannot make it stick, every time XP11 starts it defaults to "mount", regardless of the Situation I save with "hialt" on or not.

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    Yup, the saved situation function of XP doesn't save everything, for example weather is not saved properly, even the date gets messed up, as does many other settings.

    Can't see a way to change sky colours via a lua script either...

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    Hi Ian.
    It's not a huge issue, it only takes a few seconds to re assign, it just surprised me that it cannot be done.
    Thanks for confirming.

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