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    Default Finding Co-Ordinates

    For those that want to pin-point co-ordinates at any exact point on a map (to guide you) here is a link that is actually for earthquakes but on lower right corner will show the co-ordinates at where ever you place your mouse pointer. Just a tool if you need to know the co-ordinates of an airport, a mountain, or even your house. Link: . Save as a bookmark. That way it is easy to access anytime. Pause Sim, go online, hit bookmark and get info. Convert as needed, then enter it into Sim 'Map' co-ordinates and go there. Ha!
    Chuck B
    Edit: Oh, go into settings (gear - top right) and scroll down and choose 'Terraim', etc.
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    Nice, thanks.

    Larry N.

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    This is even better. I use it with my real-life GPS.

    And if you want to see the coordinates in the Sim just hit Shift + Z. You can Shift + Z multiple times. In the second instance you'll get your FPS.

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    Google and Bing maps will also give the exact coordinates of a point on a map too. With Bing Maps they give you the option to copy the lat/long coordinates when right clicking on the map.

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