This is the 3rd of 5 related to the first few months of the Berlin airlift.

I've had a change of heart about this session. Instead of 4 formations departing different locations into Berlin, I thought I would introduce departures from Berlin (Gatow in this case) and all headed to ETHS Fassberg.

Therefore ALL participants will fly this route.

FSX & Non DCA pilots should start engines on the ramp and use the taxiway Alpha which parallels the active runway 08L
P3D and X-plane aircraft will utilise taxiway Bravo to line up.

Lite ATC will be available to alternate the departures between the two columns of aircraft.
Although the session starts at 18:00Z, if you are in the session and ready any time from 17:45z ATC will give you clearance.
Departures will be staged at 60 seconds spacing so please adhere to the altitude and speed restrictions to ensure we don't crowd each other.

Only 3 TS3 channels will be in operation:
En-route (switch to this at cruise altitude)
Destination Switch to this before Braunscheig NDB

Weather is CAVOK
set simulator date to 19th August 1948 and time to 16:30z

A reminder if you have Orbx Germany north or south to deactivate them as they generate swathes of buildings and vegetation across many airfield locations.

DC3 / C47 cruise altitude 3500 feet 140 knots
DC4 cruise altitude 4500 feet 160 knots

Depart Gatow runway 08L

Have your flight set at a parking location on the east side of the field or at least away from the runways and on the ramp area to the SE of runway 08.

Fuel 50% - cargo as desired

Tune ADF to Braunschweig NDB OV freq 325
Depart EDUG runway 08 and set heading 262° and cruise altitude as above

Maintain 262° and fly direct NDB OV (approx. 93 NM)

Overhead OV turn right to heading 337° and commence descent to 2000 feet

Tune ADF NDB Dedelsdorf DS freq 274

Fly direct DS - Waypoint reached in approx. 27 NM

Overhead DS turn left heading 329°
Descend to 1500 feet and tune ADF to NDB Fassberg FJ freq 384
waypoint reached in approx. 11 NM
Ensure you are at 1500 feet and 120 knots by the time you reach FJ

Overhead FJ tight left turn to 340°
Maintain 340° for 1 min at 120 knots

After 1 minute tight right turn to 360° and descend to 1000
The is the right base leg for Fassberg runway 09
Tune ADF to NDB Planefare FG freq 215
When ADF points to FG at 080° turn right to line up for final runway 09 ETHS.

Make full rollout to the very END of the runway and expedite exit to the right.

Taxi to main ramp parking area.