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Thread: Career Mode Update #5

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    Default Career Mode Update #5

    Just announced by DTG Sam on the Dovetail Games forums:

    "We're introducing Career Mode Update 5 onto the beta branch, with fixes to issues caused by failures in maintenance missions and a slew of other fixes. This update is majorly driven by feedback that you have provided to us, so please do continue to post in the Career Mode forums with any feedback that you may have. You can read the full list below:

    Support for serious failures have now been added:
    All engine failures are marked as serious failures will now allow for landing anywhere.
    A Red failure message indicates an engine failure and should will allow a user to land anywhere.
    Switching off the engine (or just parking, if it has failed) will now bring up the post flight screen.
    Reputation will be added but no expenses will be deducted.
    Parking on the runway yields a 50% job reputation increase and landing off runway yields a 10% job reputation increase.
    Failure messages are marked Yellow for non-engine failures and Red for serious engine failures.

    Several updates have been made to the UI:
    Half stars supported for reputation and both full and half stars should be visible for reputation score.
    Updated reputation star size and text.
    Updated job tile text colours.
    Updated dynamic weather icon.

    Added support for switching between different weight measures for cargo.

    Added auto-switching to log tab when a new log message arrives.

    Added information with further job details, showing distance, weather, passengers, cargo and maintenance data.

    Added greater level of randomisation of failures.

    Fixed a bug where the ATC voice was not matching the chosen gender in the career mode profile.

    Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting a pilot voice in general settings.

    Fixed a bug where the ATC tab would be hidden on alternate flights.

    Fixed a bug where there would always be 3 failures and failures will now match the job template.

    Fixed a bug where the ATC was being muted."
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    Good to see someone provides updates on FSW progress in this forum.

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