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Thread: Crash to desktop ?

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    Question Crash to desktop ?

    I recently d/l mwaltcall10 altitude callouts for FS2004. Following instructions I put the wav files in Sound & the callout gauge in Gauges. I added this 'gaugeXXX=hs748_altcall!hs748_altcall, 5,5,20,21' to [Window00] panel cfg, adding the next appropriate numbers.
    BUT when I tried to load the Cockpit window FS crashed.

    I added this to other panel cfgs & they too crashed. When I deleted this entry all cockpit windows loaded
    properly. It seems having this entry causes the sim to crash.

    Has anyone else had this or similar problems with this callout ? If so did you find a cure & if so, what ?
    BTW - the FPDA callouts from David Opa Marshall work a treat & doesn't cause crashes.

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    It could be that these sounds use the FSSound.dll module, which needs to be in your Modules folder and which will crash FS9 unless you add these lines in your FS9.cfg file:

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    Aha.........I'll check it out.
    Thank you.

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    It was the old modules entry that was needed.

    I thought I'd try meatwater's version 2 instead which start at 1000ft with retard but there's no panel gauge entry on his read-me so I'll use v1 which works.


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