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Thread: Gameport adapter for CH Products Fighterstick and Pro Throttle

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    Question Gameport adapter for CH Products Fighterstick and Pro Throttle

    Hey guys,

    I recently found a CH fighterstick and pro throttle for cheap, so I snatched it up but unfortunately, they were the gameport version. I found a Rockfire gameport to USB adapter and it said that it was analog ONLY. So would this work with the stick/throttle? I'm sort of confused with this analog/digital stuff.



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    Well, if you got the fighterstick and throttle for real cheap, then what's another $30 to see if it can do the job? Seems to be just what you need!
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    The hardware (gamport and USB) are analog. It's when you get inside the computer that you will need a driver (analog to digital converter). Sadly there ain't no of those drivers available for any version of Windows. Put those $30 toward USB type hardware. Save yourself dissapointment and headaches.
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    That adapter has only one game port. You would have to buy two @ $60.00. They probably don't require a driver. The problem is they only support up to 4 axis and ONLY 4 buttons.

    Both my USB Fighterstick and Pro Throttle both have a 3 way mode switch to triple the buttons when used with the CH Products software. So you could forget about using all the buttons on them.
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