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    I'm looking to upgrade my rig to perform better. Currently running the specs below and achieving around 15-20Fps in high density environments. Already use a scenery config tool in order to make sure the system only runs what I ask it to. Defrag done recently. Running PMDG products well enough but could be better. Aerosoft/ORBX airports are where we have the issue, especially on takeoff/landing etc.

    What should I look at upgrading as priority?

    For the record, I know that FSX is outdated and buggy. Not looking for any "upgrade to P3D" advice. Just want to get FPS looking more like 30-40.

    Processor: i5-2500K 3.3 GHz overclocked to 4.3 GHz

    Video card: GeForce GTX 560 Ti (1GB)

    Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX

    Memory: 8GB DDR3

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

    Cooler: Corsair 120mm Hydro Series H80i


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    Personally, I would say CPU first and foremost, as well as it's cooling system, if it can't handle the newer, more powerful chip. Then, if needed, the PSU to run it all. Next, the GPU. Finally, the Ram and MB.

    You may need to upgrade the mobo, however, to accommodate the new CPU. And again, the PSU and cooling systems to handle the new CPU, too.

    Primary consideration is a better, i7 type, 4 Core (minimum) CPU, though. Look into that first. Everything else kinda revolves around that.

    Good luck!

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    You don't need to upgrade a PSU just because you upgraded a CPU. This would only apply for a GPU.

    You should, however replace the PSU about every 5 years or so. If the PSU goes out it can take your whole computer with it. The PSU is the heart of a system.

    The main component you'll want to upgrade is the CPU as FS is a CPU orientated game. Check out an i7 3770K.

    Do you have a budget? If you go with the latest CPU, which may not really increase performance, then you'll have to use Windows 10. Yeah, it's BS.

    What are your FS settings now? Do you lock in your FPS in the Sim? If not, I would set it to 25. I would also go into the video card settings and set the maximum per-rendered frames to 3 for FSX.exe. If you have issues lower that by 1.

    If you do go with the latest CPU, then you'll want a better GPU as there may be a bottleneck. A GTX 1050 TI is all you need. But right now GPU prices are very high do to the bitcoin mining fiasco. But GPU prices should be coming down. Of course getting the latest CPU means you need a new motherboard as well since the socket is different. And you'll need new RAM. Add a new CPU cooler to the mix. If the PSU isn't that old you can reuse it. Well, what is the make, model and wattage of your current PSU?
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    Do you need a new PSU with your upgrade? You might.

    The question is how much wattage draw is in your system. IE: how much wattage does your new CPU draw, plus the draw of the GPU, and other hardware as well. etc.?

    Take that total wattage number and multiply by at least 1.3, though I recommend 1.5. That's the power your PSU should have to enable good running without sagging the voltage and putting high amperage (remember the higher your amperage draw the more damaging HEAT in your hardware to get the same amount of watts needed) to your hardware.

    PSU's are cheap compared to a lot of other computer hardware. I call adequate PSU wattage cheap insurance!


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    +1 to that, Rupert. The power supply is one place where you cannot skimp.


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    Definitely not the 3770k. The 3xxx series is difficult to keep cool. Even if you have a great cooler. It has to do with the cooling paste that is inside the cpu. ( that paste not replacable.)

    The 4770k would be much better in that respect. With that a good cooler can actually make a difference.

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