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Thread: FDSFX Panel Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingnorris View Post
    Any new airliner I acquire, be it freeware or payware, I add this guage first. I would like to know the procedure for adding my own voice! Thanks Marcus!
    I suppose you'd make an MP3 recording of whatever you want to say and then substitute it.
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    That's about it Mr. Zippy - purty basic.

    I used to use some sort of software to add a little noise and make it sound like it was coming from an intercom. Granted, a little more distortion than the typical clarity you hear in today's flight.

    Just save a message with your PC mic. Save as an mp3 and give it name. I would use similar names that one could recognize from the original 21 (?) recordings. I would place these custom recordings into their own folders like by airline or type of flight (day, night). Can't remember if I explained that in the original README file... they were pretty bad if I remember.

    What I liked was I saw other simmers catching on and creating their own for other airlines and posting. There must be a few dozen out there. Even found one for GA and bush flying.

    It's all good.

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    Hey Marcus, I made a panel based on yours and uploaded it to Flightsim. Sorry I did not get your permission first to modify it but I did try to get in touch with by email that I found in the FDSFX readme.

    I also put in the package your original readme and gave credit in mine to all the guys you mentioned in the readme.

    I did it with Boeing, Airbus, and Tupolev skin and added more switches for it to sound like FSPassengers. So far it is with Russian and Ukrainian crew packs recorded from real flights. Planning to do more. Hope you like the mod and it will get as many downloads as your panel

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