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Thread: FDSFX Panel Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingnorris View Post
    Any new airliner I acquire, be it freeware or payware, I add this guage first. I would like to know the procedure for adding my own voice! Thanks Marcus!
    I suppose you'd make an MP3 recording of whatever you want to say and then substitute it.
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    That's about it Mr. Zippy - purty basic.

    I used to use some sort of software to add a little noise and make it sound like it was coming from an intercom. Granted, a little more distortion than the typical clarity you hear in today's flight.

    Just save a message with your PC mic. Save as an mp3 and give it name. I would use similar names that one could recognize from the original 21 (?) recordings. I would place these custom recordings into their own folders like by airline or type of flight (day, night). Can't remember if I explained that in the original README file... they were pretty bad if I remember.

    What I liked was I saw other simmers catching on and creating their own for other airlines and posting. There must be a few dozen out there. Even found one for GA and bush flying.

    It's all good.


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