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Thread: FDSFX Panel Help

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    Is anyone using this add on with FSX Steam? I've installed it exactly as according to the instructions and the video on You Tube and cannot get it to work with the default Boeing 737. It says it's for FS 2004 but someone said it should work on FSX. It's for cabin announcements for anyone no familiar with it. Thanks

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    The panel works fine in FSX. Did you add it as a pop up panel and does it show?
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    I thought I added it as a pop up panel (views/instruments/fdsfx panel) and no it doesn't show

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    Do you get the option to select it in views? If not, make sure you added the
    WindowXX=fdsfx panel
    line at the top of the file and changed XX to the next unused number.
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    I've done that but still doesn't show up in views/instrument panel

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    Make sure there is no other section with the same number as the fdsfx section.
    Make sure the number at the top (windowXX=fdsfx)
    matches the section number lower down.

    After that it should at least be in the selection list. (restart of fsx required.)

    to have it working too:
    Make sure all .gau files are installed in the panel folder.

    I think there's also a background image to install in the panel folder.

    Make sure the folder with the sounds in it is installed in fsx/sound. (Install the Folder with the sounds inside it. Don't take them out.).

    Make sure the .ini file is in the correct location. I think that's fsx/gauges. Not sure, check the readme.txt.

    Locations of files are essential to have this work. Can't just put them where ever you like.

    It does work in fsx.

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    I think the problem is in the panel.cfg file. Can you take a look at this and see if I've set it up correctly? I've backed up my original file so if there's a problem I can always go back to it. Name:  panel.jpg
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Size:  104.6 KB

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    I got it Top Gun, the panel.cfg file was set up wrong as I suspected. Thanks for all your help!

    Happy Flying

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    Noice! Enjoy.

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    Could anyone please spell it for me what is said in the file 09_Pushback_Capt Marcus.mp3 of the FDSFX panel, like Hi folks, welcome aboard! From the flight deck this is your captain speaking. We're preparing...

    And please the file 14_Cruise_Capt Marcus.mp3
    Well, good day, Ladies and Gentlemen from the flight deck! We've leveled...

    Both files are here:


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