Career Mode Beta has had it's second update in two weeks and is now on v3:

Maintenance jobs have now been enabled. However, please be aware that failures of this type of mission are now also supported!
Cargo jobs will now have increased weight.
PAX jobs will now have increased potential numbers of passengers.
Some jobs will now have an increased pay rate.
Some jobs (particularly Maintenance jobs) now have a reduced range.
Dramatically changed available aircraft for some jobs - for example, slower Cubs will now appear less in bigger jobs.
Weather conditions have been changed so that early jobs are less likely to encounter bad weather.
Reputation reward has been increased for some jobs (particularly MEP jobs).
Difficulty across jobs will now be better balanced and will ramp up in value.
Random weather themes and times of day are now supported.
Failure support for jobs has now been improved.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug related to a sky/weather graphical issue.
Fixed a bug where MEP jobs should now correctly choose MEP aircraft.
Fixed a bug that will now allow for multi-line descriptions in the post-flight screen.
Fixed a bug where the cold night theme was not at night.
Fixed a bug relating to the text of Delivery Flight job on the Job Board and Front Desk screens.
Fixed a bug where the display of total money and reputation were out of position.

The Career.JSON file format has been changed to Career.fsw which is non-editable, so make any base airport changes before launching v3!