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Thread: Hi, new to FS world. Automated boot and load procedures?

  1. Default Hi, new to FS world. Automated boot and load procedures?

    Hi, we have a museum where we are installing a FSX simulator configured for an ATR72.

    Our problem is that we would like the simulator to start and run up to the stage of (for example) ready for take off.

    Where we are now is that we can readily automate up to the stage of where the 'flight' is selected but I am at a loss as to how to automatically undock and move the windows into position. We have one monitor on the motherboard which the operating system boots on, we have a pair of identical displays which are used as the captain and co-pilot instrument displays (they are on a 'Y' cable and we have three monitors for the outside view which are grouped together as one virtual screen.

    Thanks for any comments.


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    Maybe something like 'WilMA'?
    Mentioned and linked to here:

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