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  1. Lightbulb Virtual NASA Coming Soon

    Currently we are rebuilding and I am setting up, yet again for Virtual NASA. I am not set and far from ready to just throw this together. But we are coming VERY soon... A shout out that we are coming back!

    What is VNASA About? We are about is that we are NOT a VA/VAM in our own right, that we assist other VA/VAMS with contract modification, Test flying, repainting, scenery and panel creation. Also using the developed Space Simulators for Shuttle/Orbiter operations, (to be named later)...

    We will and ARE based VERY accurately on the United States Military (AF/NAVY/Army/Marines) and NASA Projects - for their development of new and improved air models and location of research... But despite this accuracy we SIMULATE many RW projects as closely as we can according to Public Domain documentation about them, but I will always uphold the directive from DOD/Pentagon about Confidential materials. (I will, being a former military person, never break that directive)

    We are strictly a FAN based organization about NASA and the us military. We are NOT in any way, shape or form directly involved, endorsed by military and NASA organization.

    We are going to be based at Dryden Research Center, Edwards AFB in California, also NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Federal Airfield, Mountain View, California... It includes the Associate units that serve Edwards Test Groups, in research at Eglin AFB, FLA, Hill AFB, UT and Barksdale AFB, LA.

    Later will include Houston Space Center, Houston, TX and Cape Canaveral, (Kennedy Space Center), FLA for Space Operations. - To be Determined when we expand.

    For FS I will be supporting FSX/FS9 (Alot of remote places are way behind us and use it), P3d, and Xplane...

    What we also will be doing is TEACHING the ins and outs of Repainting, modification, panel and scenery design... We will be seeking motivated people who are gifted in their abilities (as stated above) to pass on what they know. People who LOVE to push the envelope and make stuff better.

    "There are no problems, only solutions..." - Kevin Flynn (Tron, 1982) Jeff Bridges.

    We are still building the website as we speak and it will be posted soon enough when it is ready. All information is based on accurate accounts of each units and information on their websites of REAL air groups, test units, and Historical ones.

    The support fighter groups/wing units, bombing wing/group units, Cargo/Transport unit groups are in charge of simulated security and also "Chase" Plane units that actively will observe the test model in flight for any problems. (As we will always have crashes on/stress factors on) for realism... The Cargo for simulated transport of supplies/personnel to and from base units.

    Administration Staff needs and requires to have been a lead role or Admin of TS3/TS2/Discord and administration experience

    (Included and welcomed ROTC Military and RW Military Experience. (We will be using US Military ranking)
    Lead role in Civilian arena - Engineering experience.

    Good research skills because all aircraft models are going to be set to REAL WORLD Dynamics and specifications (Or as close as the model will allow)

    Groups at this moment that are marked "Coming Soon" in the air groups/Test units area will remain that way until we have accurate information about them (public domain) -- This fan group will ALWAYS maintain a HIGH RESPECT to the Armed Forces, (Me being formerly a member) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

    "What can go wrong, will go wrong...(at the wrong opportune moment)" - Capt. Edward A. Murphy, USAF. (Murphy's Law - 1949)

    ETC: (Estimated Time of Completion)

    For Completion of Website fully: July, 2018
    Acquisition of all equipment models: In progress
    Start of Personnel Drive is not until October of 2018 (Administration)
    Start of Personnel or Units of their choice: TBD
    Opening of VNASA: April 9, 2019

    (We have a lot of time, and likes to have everything set)

    FA/MM Nathaniel A. Miller, USN Ret.
    (Protected Veteran/Gentleman Writer)

    CEO/Commander of VNASA

    "The more they over think the plumbing, the better it is to stuff up the drain." - Capt Montgomery "Scotty" Scott (James Doohan) - Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock (1983)
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    Oh yes! If Anyone knows the whereabouts of some people.... a few users out there in TS2/3 who was with me in 977th Air Group, UAF (Universal Air Force), UAFMC (Universal Air Force, Marine Corps), Also Hawk flyers Group...

    Specifically James "Squirrel" Nong, "Hotdog" Juan... (Sorry I can't pronounce his last name), General Maximus, and many others. ALL from the old Gamespy and MS Zone days...

    Please contact me in TS3 ( The home of VNASA - at (Website)

    FA/MM Nathaniel A. Miller, USN Ret.
    (Protected Veteran/Gentleman Writer)

    (CEO/Commander VNASA)
    (Lead Admin - FlightSimXCo Gaming Group.)
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    Awesome stuff. It's nice to know that FS9 has not been forgotten.
    As we know, simming is more than just planes, & Space is our 'Final' frontier.

    I know its early days, but do you have any recommendations or ideas of craft?

    I was actually beta testing the late Garry Smith's Death Star project, with a hidden hanger inside.
    I'm sure VNASA will obviously be realistic, but Garry's projects was all about simming being a bit of Fact, Fiction & Fun, appealing to a different market.

    I recall, years ago, there was a virtual NASA VA. Any relation?

    Best of luck, & I look forward to more news.

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    nope no relation... My VNASA is not a VA in any respect of Virtual Airline/Military... We are a Aircraft Build'm, Modify, Repaint, Test, Scenery development and mod and even a Panel Creation and mod outfit... We are the technical aspect of it... Plus the simulated Associate units that support Edwards AFB (Chase, security, crgo, transport) We won't even have pirepes per say. I will be teaching people to test fly stuff and mod stuff, also how to panel create/Scenery develop too...

    Each division wil have REAL aircraft from the current and historical information on each squadron and test group... and of course we will be assisting and taking on projects of other VA/VAMS for making their aircraft and stuff more real...

    It's something i like to do ... Make shit break but learn and fly better.
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    Why not have a Fantasy Division as well? Just for fun?

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    We do... its in the form of theoretical aircraft from ALL major mfgs in RL, in the concepts and others.

    Squirrel NONG was my right hand man and loved doing that... He earned his name, hording the COOL planes he loved to work on personally.. ;-)

    Again WE ARE NOT A VA ---

    What my VNASA will be doing it testing aircraft, and making them better, developing scenery, and repainting. We "assist" VA/VAMs in design for their aircraft and make them accurate as they are in RL. Repainting them to accurate schemes or custom... we are can do on both worlds.

    WE DO NOT have pireps and all that we are strictly development and test...

    We have squadrons and all that that chase plane and are a part of the RL squadrons that assist NASA/USAF in development. it is MUCH more than just Edwards AFB, NASA Ames, (Moffett), and others its also Barksdale, Hill, Eglin, Duke, Wright Patterson, and so many other groups that assist as "Associate units" who help out in the many areas of development.

    We will be going "Orbiter" type and space programs also... that is in the works.

    I have a website up... -- It IS a work in progress,,,

    It can be acquired through the FlightSimX Company Gaming Group... Our home...

    We have a TS:

    See ya there!

    MM3 N.A Miller, USN Ret.
    (Protected Veteran/Gentleman Writer)

    Lead Admin -- The FlightSimX Company Gaming Group

    We are not quite ready to open VNASA with a few setbacks but this group has a flight server and group flights fairly often...

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    Much appreciated that FS2004 has NOT been forgotten!

    That white & yellow text on a pale blue background on the site is really hard to read ... please, is it possible to change?
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    Are you affiliated with NASA Aeronautics Research Center such as Langley? I used to work there as a computer scientist. If you get things going contact me

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    negative. we are not endorsed by NASA in any way for their operations projects or research centers.. we are a fan based, using military groups that service the various bases across the U.S and assist in ops at Edwards and other sites.

    We have a server coming up soon, for group flights and so forth... had very little time to work on this, having health issues... but we're going to get back into this soon enough.

    MM3 N.A Miller, USN Ret. (Rattler)
    Protected Veteran / Gentleman Writer

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