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Thread: New Paint CRJ

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    New Paint CRJ...from Lufthansa CityLine that is.

    Repaint from Holger Sobl (Holgi). Everything Aerosoft except the simulator.
    I appreciate you looking at this pictorial, please feel free to comment...

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    Great paint!! That CRJ looks like it's a mile long!!


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    Nice livery on the CRJ, and it looks loooooooooooooooong indeed. Great screenies!

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    Fine livery!
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    Is that a 700 or 900 ? Either way cool views here ! Mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy208 View Post
    Is that a 700 or 900 ? Either way cool views here ! Mike
    It's the CRJ-900


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    Some pretty dreary clouds there; nice shots man.
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