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Thread: Tokelau Islands Complete Scenery uploaded!

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    Default Tokelau Islands Complete Scenery uploaded!


    For those of you interested, my first complete scenery has just been uploaded to the library!
    or filename:

    It is a complete scenery of the Tokelau Islands, which are virtually missing from the default scenery. It includes all islands, with detailed coastlines, Landclass with villages represented, and Waterclass with the shallow reef banks also recreated. Included are also 4 separate AFCAD files which generate 4 fictional airfields, one on each atoll. Many objects were also added to give the scenery a less desolate and more alive look.

    You can see many more screenshots, taken along the development of the project in this thread:

    Hope you all enjoy!

    Leonardo Santos

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    Beautiful Leo2789! Thank you.

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    You're welcome!

    I hope you all enjoy!
    If anyone would like to leave any feedback here or through email, please fell free to do so!


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    Also please mind the comment section of the upload which states:

    "Please be aware that I forgot to mention 1 of the object libraries you need to download in the pdf documentation!!! Said library will be referred to in the description, and the filename in the library is: "

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