GoodWay 5.5.0r1 is online !!!!

Thanks to a significant optimization of resources, we can now offer you a new version of the plug-in, enriched with several highly anticipated functions that are signalled and detailed in the new documentation. Many improvements and corrections have also been made.

- - - - - MAIN NEW FEATURES - - - - -

• New documentation.

• New windows management (with X-Plane > v11.10) :
- internal (standard plug-in operation),
- OR external and independent that can be moved out of X-Plane or on a second screen.

• Flight Plan Tool :
- Copy of flight plan in memory in ICAO format,
- Flight Plan Transmission :
- to the SquawkBox plug-in,
- to the Vatsim network,
- Automatic flight plans now take into account one-way routes (high & low level),
- Option to automatically select VIAs close to SIDs & STARs.

• Map Tool :
- Choice of map model (15 models available),
- X-Plane Weather and METAR Reports Display,
- Display of VATSIM or IVAO virtual controls,
- One-way roads are marked with a triangle indicating the direction of travel.

• Parameters Tool :
- 4 tabs to customize settings :
- of flight plans,
- of map display,
- of memory cache management,
- of various other parameters (virtual networks, units, …).

• New keyboard shortcut (CTRL + R) to access parameters.

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A little subtitled video presents you the new functions!!!