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    Slainte and a Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    Virtual Tour of Seven Castles in Ireland
    The Castle Scenery is freeware from Daniel Florentin.
    He specifically adapted this scenery for Orbx Scenery Europe EU Ireland.
    The castle are shown in this order:
    3.Blackrock (Cork)

    His scenery is available for download on AVSIM: ‘” and “”
    I included actual pictures of the castle to show you the excellent reproductions Daniel produced.
    Mr. Florentin also included night textures that are also shown in this video.

    I am retired and a hobby flight simulator enthusiast user name Polymerman,

    Please subscribe to OVER YOUR HEAD PRODUCTIONS channel for new releases at
    This is a non-commercial hobby youtube channel.

    A special thank you to Daniel Florentin for his wonderful scenery.

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    Its that time of year!
    Dia duit to ye Irish and Dia is Muire duit to ye who wish ye were!
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