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Thread: Mind The Gap!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
    And I always select a rental car with driving lights.
    Do you mean your own car (carrrrr ) does not have any light?! On the other hand, never been in Cornwall. Are the pub opening hours to watch too?

    I mostly know England from Dover or Folkestone to London, and London self, and thence, I once journeyed up, and then back, like told, to Scotland. Fine landscapes. My journey brought me up to Scourie. Fine cliffs with sea birds and a awakening water by summer at some 60°F!
    And I will tell you! The year when I toured Scotland, it was 1976, the year of the great drought in Europe. Mostly sunny and dry from June to September I had some luck however to check for the Scottish fog one day, and for drizzle another one

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    Driving lights....had to think about that one for a moment. Auxiliary headlights!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ah, driving lights... I remember them well. My father had a 2.5 liter Riley Saloon, a classic 4 door British touring car when I was between 16 and 20. Occasionally, I would get that car as a special treat for a special evening. The car was built low to the ground like a sports car, cornered like a RR Train, had 4 on the floor in a short throw gear box, and for a car its size, went like H*&l for its time. As they would say today, it was Rad. That car also boasted a 100,000 candle power speed lamp mounted center on the bumper. Flick that switch and night became day. Its use allowed the driver to overdrive the normal headlight beam without fear, it was a wonderful gadget. It was also a great deterrent to oncoming cars failing to dim their high beams; a simple on/off of that lamp and down came the high beams of on coming traffic. Thank you, Charlie, for the reminder.
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    Yes Klee,

    Driving lights are still fairly popular in England. I have put them on several cars I've owned as well. The ones on the car shown are behind easily removed covers to protect them when not in use.

    Click image for larger version. 

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