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Thread: C172 trainer software for FSX

  1. Default C172 trainer software for FSX

    I dont know where my first post went. Maybe this one will work.
    I am interested in getting this software. But I don't know if it is a stand alone FS or if the plane will somehow show up in the plane list if FSX. If it does how does it get into FSX. I am not a programmer and don't know much about changing the bios or what ever to make things happen. Can anyone learn me what the C172 trainer software is or even if it works with FSX? I tried to call the pilot store but they don't seem to take phone calls.Thanks David

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    Most of your paid aircraft comes with a .exe file. So you click on the install icon, and it handles the rest.
    It will then appear in your list of available aircraft. This software is just an aircraft and not "training software".
    If you are looking for a tutorial based software Gleim has one for X-plane.
    I have not used it so I couldn't tell you how good/bad it is.

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    David - Do you have FSX already loaded? FSX program includes tutorial instructions for the basics of flying, probably enough for you to become proficient at it. All it takes is patience and Practice - Practice - Practice!

    Also, in the aircraft selection screen there are several C172's to chose from, they all fly the same, the textures are different, and one even says it's a trainer. There are 5 default 172's with a standard instrument panel and 1 with a G1000 instrument panel. Stick with one of the first 5.

    Good luck and happy flying! - Rick

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    There is also a nice software called FSFlying School Pro.

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    What David wants to know is - What happens when he makes the purchase and clicks on Download?
    Does the software take care of itself and the 172 show up in the stable of planes alongside the ones that came with fsx, or does he have to do something with the downloaded files to activate the download?

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    David, sorry I misunderstood your question. If you haven't purchased FSX, there are different methods of purchase. I have the Gold boxed edition which is the 2 disk installation disks and 1 disk called an acceleration disk. In that FSX requires a computer that will meet it's demands, I am on the border line of my computer being able to handle FSX. I have an i5 processor and it works just fine on the standard 2 disk installation. I have my doubts about installing the acceleration disk, it might just be too much for the computer! You can find the boxed edition (I believe they call the 2 disk only the Deluxe edition) FSX on Ebay, but if you go that route, make certain the seller is providing you with a product key you will need for activating the download!!

    You can purchase the Steam Edition, I believe they come in both online downloads and boxed. I might be wrong, as I am not that familiar with the Steam Edition.

    Either way you go, FSX will provide you with the C172 aircraft and many others as you get better at flying. FSX also includes a Learning Center which has instruction tutorials.

    Installation of FSX is pretty straight-forward. Insert disk 1 into the computer and follow the prompts all the way thru disk 2. You don't have to be a programmer or be able to make changes to BIOS.
    The biggest concern you should have starting out would be, "Is my computer adequate to handle FSX? People on here will be able to answer that if they know your computer specs.

    Oh, and if you decide to go ahead with FSX, do yourself a favor, purchase a joystick to go with it. Much easier to fly with one!

    Anyway, good luck! - Rick
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    Here is what you are looking for... I guess

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    Is this the C172 training software you are thinking about?

    This package will give you the A2A C-172 aircraft and tutorials to add to your FSX or FSX-SE installation. Looks like it will give you instruction in aircraft pre-flight, Maintenance, and flying instruction.
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    Check the sticky post titled "Attention new members" for the answer to your question about your first post. After I approved your second post, I deleted the first.

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    Wow, you guys are the most friendly forum I've been on. Thanks for all the help. I do have FSX on my computer. It sounds like the A2A C 172 is what I need and that it will install "into" FSX, then I can choose it just like the other planes. I am just getting set up although I have had FSX for several years I'm trying to get more serious with it. I have 2 monitors and want to get a third one. But there are several items in front of the third monitor.

    This is what I'm currently doing. I use the second monitor as my left window for left hand traffic patterns which are at most airports I visit. Also on the number two monitor I have a small view with a spot plane directly behind me to help lining up with the run way, and another small spot plane off the right side of the plane and toward the rear of the plane. I use this to help seeing the airport while my left wing is blocking the view. I am flying most traffic patterns at the owensboro KY airport as it has some good land marks to help with the traffic patterns. I would welcome any advice on seeing better or better ways to arrange the monitors.
    I'm sure glad I found this forum and that FSX is still alive and that there is help.

    Thanks David

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