hi, im sorry if i post this here and it is the wrong thread.
i would like to know if there exists an atc program which is compatible with fsx se, p3d v4 and x plane 11.
i want to use it 99% for vfr flying and ... out of schedule situations.
for example lets say i fly near santorini (greek island) and suddently i decide to land. there is no ils so i would like the atc to give me exact instructions on how to land. the default atc of fsx tries to do that, but usually does not succeed 100%.
i would like the instructions to line me up to the preferred runway in a very good percentage.
is there an atc program like that? or maybe i dont need an atc but another kind of program that i dont know its name and does that?
(from a certain position/altitude of the plane to give you exact instructions how to land to a nearby airport/runway)