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    Default Project Airbus A320 Cockpit


    I'm a fan of the Project Airbus A320 and I've been using it a lot in FS2004. Now in FSX I found quite a number of downloads that include the default A321 virtual cockpit. It's pretty nice and I'd like to use it. However the additional altitude and speed indicators don't work as well as some overhead buttons. I never had that problem in the default A321. I wonder if I forgot to click anything or if the cockpit is just not fully functional. Any help?

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    Just clumsy work of the compilers of the packages IMO.
    Some of the following lines need to be added/modded in aircraft.cfg of the PA A320.

    Probably more. Start with these and come back to report what's still not working.


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    Geat! Thank you! That worked out fine.

    Still out of order:

    - Hydraulic electric pump of fault
    - FLT CTL all four buttons on the right and three on the left OFF (ELAC SEC AND FAC)
    - FUEL ENG 1 and 2 OFF, Crossfeed works fine

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    Not at my sim computer, so by memory:

    For the flight controls a line fly_by_wire=1 (or similar) needs to be added. Check the default Airbus aircraft.cfg for the correct section and syntax.
    Fuel pumps can be restored by comparing the [fuel] section with the stock Airbus.
    Have to pass on the hydraulics, but that should be found in the default Airbus as well.


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    normal_pressure = 3000.0 //PSI
    electric_pumps = 1 //no electric pumps
    engine_map = 1,1,0,0 //pumps on Eng1,2

    fly_by-wire=1 (needs to be added)

    fuel_type = 2 //Fuel type: 1 = Avgas, 2 = JetA
    number_of_tank_selectors = 1
    fuel_dump_rate = 0.0167 //Percent of max quantity per second, i.e. about 1 minute for full fuel
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    Thx for completing.
    On a side note: I’ve always experienced the Bus (default or PA) to be a better hand-flyer WITHOUT the fly_by-wire line. Personal preference I guess.


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    Thanks guys, you are great and your help is appreciated. I also find the default A321 a little weird to fly and think that MS didn't get the fly-by-wire quite realistic. But good to know and I'll try anyway.

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    Since you guys seem to know a lot I have another question: do you have experience with getting an aircraft more stable at high simulation rates on autopilot. After installing Acceleration Pack all aircraft move up and down at 8x speed. I sometimes use it on long flights across the Atlantic. Does anyone know how to change the autopilot section to improve things. Everything was fine before installing Acceleration and I guess I know have to fix things for each aircraft at at time....

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