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Thread: saitek radio panel and instrument panel not working in fsx

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    That truly makes sense! If the PSU itself is too weak, nothing external will help! In the context of the discussion, the PSU didn't enter my mind. I thought of that as a given.

    Thanks for the advice!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrUnSavory View Post

    As far as the power supply topic it should never be a problem if you build your system with a power supply with a 20% overhead. Always put in more then you will need just in case.

    Ross G.
    I agree 100%!!! At the very low cost difference of a PSU based upon output wattage I've never understood not providing every bit of that 20% overhead!!

    I've seen people spend a ton on a super GPU for their FSX computer and then scrimp on the PSU. Which makes no sense at all to me.


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    just to clarify:

    FSUIPC is another kind of SPAD?

    Then what is a PSU?

    when you say use SPAD without saitek drivers that means use SPAD for instrument and radio panel and ok to leave saitek driver for yoke and rudder? Or need to remove saitek for youke and rudder pedals as well as SPAD or FSUIPC will take over everything?

    The good thing is I realized I don't really need the radio nor the instrument panel for my multi engine training. I used to use those a lot when I was practicing for my IFR though.


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    A PSU is a Power Supply Unit. It's the transformer(s) that provides your computer with the appropriate power.

    I'm not up on SPAD. So I can't help you there.


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    First. I don't know the specific panels. Don't have them.

    I'm thinking it sounds like your registry entry for fsx is missing.

    A registry entry is made when installing fsx using the installer. It tells Windows wher the program is installed. And Windows uses the registry to tell other programs this location as well.

    If the registry entry is missing other programs you install won't "magically" find it.

    It sounds like that could be why in this case Spad can't find it.
    Remember, guessing. I don't know Spad specifics.

    If there's a menu in Spad where you can tell it where to find fsx, use that.

    Otherwise it may be needed to uninstall Spad. Then to repair the registry with the fsx registry tool. Then to reinstall Spad.
    The registry tool can be found online. Can't remember where at the moment.

    I hope someone else can chime in to say if this sounds like a possible solution. (and to post a link to the tool.).

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    It sounds to me like an FSUIPC problem. SPAD uses FSUIPC. Go in to your modules folder and delete the FSUIPC files. I believe there is either 2 or 3 that are easily recognized. Then reinstall FSUIPC from Pete Dowson's site. Make sure you get the version 4 and not the version 5.

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    The rudders and yoke will work using windows native HID drivers. You don't need a driver for them. You just need SPAD for the panels.

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    Do you get all this faff with X Plane 11? I'm seriously considering changing.


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