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Thread: Direct X Diagnostic Tool causing game crash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by longbreak754 View Post
    The only other thing I can suggest is to try a 'dummy' install of the product outside of FSX - this will allow you check the contents of what is installed and allow you to attempt a manual install to see if it makes a difference. Try it first in the OS that you had it previously working.

    Most products that have installers will look for either a valid registry entry for FSX, look for a valid instance of the FSX executable file (FSX.exe) or will be programmed to use the standard default install path of FSX (i.e. C:\Program............). They should, however, be able to be pointed to a location of your choice.

    With that in mind........

    1. Create a dummy FSX folder - say at C:\DummyFSX
    2. Create the following sub-folders that are normally associated with an aircraft model:

    SimObjects - and within this folder a further sub-folder called Airplanes.
    Effects - and within this folder a further sub-folder called Texture.
    Modules (See Note below)
    Addon Modules (See Note below)

    3. Run the installer and point it to the dummy location - if you get an error message saying that it cannot find the FSX.exe file, cancel the install, place a copy of the FSX.exe file into the dummy folder and try again.

    Once the installer has run its course you will be able to see what files/folders have been created and then manually move them to the main FSX folder. Note that it is possible that some files may have been written to other default locations (for example any included docs or pre-set flight plans).

    NOTE: WRT Modules. Most addons that make use of 'modules' to get something down will place the necessary files within the 'Modules' folder - one of the two options I have listed is a default FSX folder and the other is one that is created by some installers. Can't remember which is which as I am not at my FSX rig to verify. However, irrespective of this, in FSX all references regarding the use of 'modules' is stored in the dll.xml file (which is located in C:\Users\<YourName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX) - not sure for P3D but I assume that it will have a similar file.

    As this is a default FSX file, and if the Super80 product uses a 'module' function, it would have been updated during the install process. You will need to edit the appropriate entry in the dll.xml file (using notepad) to change the path to the required folder in FSX as it will be point to the dummy install location. I therefore suggest that you make a backup copy of this file before carrying out the dummy install.
    Awesome, thank you. I will make sure to go back through that process when I get some file cleanup and restructuring done, and perhaps on a new system. I did give up for the time being, but I really appreciate your commitment to this thread, as it may help others in the future, and it will always be here for the day I feel ambitious in getting this working again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mallcott View Post
    Before jumping in, late to the party AND with duff info, READ his previous post:

    With all due respect I suggest that you read the thread THROUGHLY - you will see that the OP and I have exchanged a number of posts in an attempt to resolve the issue.

    @ pilotguy251 - glad to have been of help. Hope you get it sorted some day......happy flyin'


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