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Thread: Amphibious Super Cub addition.

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    Thumbs up Amphibious Super Cub addition.

    An improvement I didn't realize I had until I read Boxcar's announcement. (Thanks David)
    It looks great and flies beautifully. I'm looking forward to more such free addons.
    These shots are flying around the Oregon coast. Can't remember the exact location.

    BTW, everything is default. Took me 10 years and many hundreds of dollars to get
    FSX to look this good and it still doesn't run as smoothly, reliably or load as fast. - Bob

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FSW-(32).jpg 
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ID:	201149

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Name:	FSW-(33).jpg 
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ID:	201150

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Name:	FSW-(34).jpg 
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ID:	201151

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Name:	FSW-(35).jpg 
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ID:	201152

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Name:	FSW-(36).jpg 
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ID:	201153

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Name:	FSW-(37).jpg 
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ID:	201154

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Name:	FSW-(38).jpg 
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Name:	FSW-(39).jpg 
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Name:	FSW-(40).jpg 
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Name:	FSW-(41).jpg 
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ID:	201158

    i7-7700 3.6GHz / GTX1660 6GB / 32GB RAM / 49" Samsung CHG90 / WIN10

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    Guess this answers most of your questions from the other post. I have no idea what the mesh resolution is but would guess similar to FSX North American resolution. No idea if that is world-wide.
    The only customization I have done to the vanilla download is to program my controls. Because it uses exactly the same set-up as FSX I was able to configure my X-52 and pedals the same in both sims. Which makes FSW feel like a comfortable old pair of jeans.
    There are few functional differences between the sims. Most of the change is performance and cosmetic. I must say the ATC voices leave much to be desired. On the plus side, there is more variation in accents, but the obvious computer generated tone and cadence is off-putting.
    I'll be posting more shots and impressions in days to come. I know other people are looking but you seem to be the only one interested enough to ask questions. Thanks -- Bob

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