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Thread: ~ FSW enters Phase 2 ~

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    Default ~ FSW enters Phase 2 ~

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    I'm really liking this sim so far. Not an FSX replacement yet, but a very nice companion.
    Since there is no FSW screenshot forum, I may have to post some here.
    Hope no one gets their knickers in a twist over it. -- Bob

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FSW-(13).jpg 
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ID:	201107

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FSW-(17).jpg 
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ID:	201108

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Name:	FSW-(27).jpg 
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Name:	FSW-(10).jpg 
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ID:	201110

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Name:	FSW-(8).jpg 
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ID:	201111

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    Nice shots! FSW is developing nicely. I picked up the JustFlight Piper Arrow and really enjoying short GA hops in it. The new weather system has the nice property that if it's raining in the cloudy areas but then you break out into sunshine the rain actually stops, plus it actually looks like rain, not the silly jumping-to-hyperspace look of FSX.

    They have a lot of work yet to do but the roadmap looks good.

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    I see awesome pics my friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by peer01 View Post
    I see awesome pics my friends!
    Getting such a comment from the most Noble and skilled airman is all the validation this sim needs.
    It's official folks! FSW is a go! -- Bob (Also, another good forum shot to hell. )

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