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Thread: Super computer, poor FSX performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgen.s.andersen View Post
    Alverthein, what I get when I googled that string was various discussions on various media that I know already. What I really wanted was to get to the tweaking guide mentioned itself, but apparently that guide is on a group in facebook that now does not exist. Indeed, in one of the discussions it said (in 2015) that this group does not exist any more.

    There are a few simple tweaks you can apply to your FSX.CFG yourself.
    These tweaks are standard "generic" well known tweaks that have been around for some time that should be applied by everyone.
    Please note that due to the diverse range of possible hardware configurations (such as CPU/GPU types and speeds) and software options (such as your personal FSX Display Settings), your "mileage may vary" - what works for one person MAY not work for another.
    There is no "One-Fix-For-All" solution!
    The basic performance tweaks require editing of your FSX.CFG file.
    This is a text file that contains various FSX settings and options that is initially created and optimized by FSX for your PC's hardware configuration the first time you start FSX after installation.
    Before applying any tweak you should ensure you create a BACKUP of your current FSX.CFG and keep it safe should you need to perform a "roll-back".
    FSX must NOT BE RUNNING when you edit the FSX.CFG file.
    Your FSX.CFG can be editted in any text editor such as Windows Notepad, Notepad++, TextPad etc.
    Locating your FSX.CFG file
    [1] Ensure the "Show Hidden Files & Folders" option in Windows is enabled by either
    Windows Explorer > Tools > Options > Views
    Control Panel > Folder Options
    [2] At the Windows "Start Button" either:
    enter "%appdata%" (without quotes) in the "Search programs and files" box
    click "Run" and enter "%appdata%" (without quotes)
    [3] Open the folder sequence Roaming -> Microsoft -> FSX
    [4] You should see a file called "fsx.cfg", if you do not go back to step [1]
    The "Generic" Tweaks
    These tweaks should at the least improve anyones FSX performance and provide a baseline for additional "per-person" tweaking when required.
    The FSX.CFG file is divided into "Sections" each of which contains a set of related settings.
    Where these Sections exist in your FSX.CFG file may not be the same as another person's FSX.CFG file.
    All Sections have a "Section Header" denoted by square brackets.
    Ensure you edit/add any tweak into the correct Section!
    Some of these tweaks require changing an existing setting in your FSX.CFG file while others require you to add it as FSX does not create it.
    When adding settings to existing Sections it does not matter where you put them in your FSX.CFG file.
    When adding a new Section with associated settings it does not matter where you put them in your FSX.CFG file.
    If any of the following Section Headers or Settings are not in your FSX.CFG file simply copy and paste them into your FSX.CFG file.
    Here we go...

    Add the following under the [MAIN] section:
    FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.33 is default fsx value, you can start adjusting this value at 0.15 if you see blurred scenery, then lower to 0.12 if you feel it needs a little more, try at 0.10

    Edit the following under the [MAIN] section:

    If your PC has a 2 Core CPU add the following:
    AffinityMask=2 when Disabled HT
    AffinityMask=4 when Enabled HT

    If your PC has a 4 Core CPU without HyperThreading or with Hyperthreading DISABLED add the following:

    If your PC has a 4 Core CPU with HyperThreading ENABLED add the following:
    Add the following under the [GRAPHICS] Section:
    DIRTYREGIONUPDATELIMIT=1 if your GPU is below 1GB Memory
    DAY_THRESHOLD=38912-----> makes the day more brighter
    NIGHT_THRESHOLD=2048----> makes the night darker

    Add the following under the [DISPLAY] Section:
    TEXTUREMAXLOAD=Depending from your CPU

    Edit the following under the [DISPLAY] Section:
    TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 Dual core, Quad core you can start at 70 up to 120 but on average 80 would be good

    For more realistic Runway Lights add the following to the [DISPLAY] Section:
    (edit the above values to suite your own personal preference)

    Add the following under the [TERRAIN] Section:
    Add the following under the [SCENERY] Section:

    Add the following under the [PANELS] Section:
    VIRTUAL_COCKPIT_TEXTURES_SCALE=2.0 ------>when using dx10fixer

    If using a controller add the following under the [CONTROLS] Section:

    Edit the following if you are using the EzDok camera add-on:
    For more realistic realisim (especially when flying Rotocraft) edit the following in the [REALISIM] section:
    Useful Links
    FSX Service Packs (if not already installed):
    nVidia Inspector for nVidia GPUs only:

    For the latest FSUIPC
    AffinityMask Calculator

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    Robert Thibodeau bump!!!

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    Thanks for posting this. I had most of these settings already, but the settings for the runway lights and the dirty regions were new to me.


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