Freight Dogs virtual Air Cargo is proud to announce that it's starting our 10th year as a virtual airline on VATSIM.
"Freedom to fly any cargo aircraft, anytime, anywhere worldwide" has been our successful operation for the past 9 years.
Freight Dogs would like to invite pilots to join whether VATSIM / IVAO or offline flying. Freight Dogs uses SIM ACARS freeware to file FS2004, FSX, X-Plane or P3D flights. Freight Dogs has chartered (free flights) and scheduled flights for all to enjoy.
So no matter if bush flying a piper cub or flying anything else up to the extreme heavies like the B788 or A380, Freight Dogs is a great place for those that fly cargo under any weather condition.

Join today and Freight Dogs will transfer up to 500 VATSIM or IVAO hours to your Freight Dog account now 'til Jan 31st, 2018.

Offline pilots must make a first Freight Dog flight with in 14 days.
VATSIM / IVAO pilots must make a first Freight Dog flight within 30 days.
After the first flight, all pilots must make a Freight Dog flight every 60 days.

Tim Farrell, FDC1601
Freight Dogs virtual Air Cargo
[email protected]