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Thread: Out of memory

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    Please....don't give up yet. There is an incredible amount of knowledge on these forums and many folks more than willing to help you get through this rough spot. The OOM problem you're having is a common one anytime complex aircraft and scenery is used. It can also occur when all the "eye-candy" is set to maximum. Or some combination of all that "stuff". As Jorgen says it would really be helpful to spot potential issues if folks could see your FSX.cfg file. Also helpful would be a short description of what's going on when an OOM occurs.....aircraft and scenery used, weather settings, location, etc. Your system is fine. Now it's just a matter of finding the right combination of settings..........Doug
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    I've got the accelerator pack 2 installed.......

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    Does it happen if you use a stock fsx aircraft?

    How long into a flight does it happen?

    What are your in-game settings?

    Also it may be worth posting your fsx.cfg so that the technos amongst us can try to help.

    Cheers Stinger

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    There is no such thing as an "accelerator pack 2". You'll either have FSX with SP1 and SP2, or you'll have FSX with Acceleration, also known as FSX Gold, or you'll have FSX-SE.

    Please notice that if you have either FSX Gold or FSX-SE and you then install SP1 and/or SP2 on either of these, you're looking at a complete reinstall.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh or intimidating, it is certainly not intended to. But it is so extremely important to be very precise when you're dealing with computer-technical issues.

    Jorgen - retired computer tech.

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