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Thread: Old and new, fresh project flight simulator.

  1. Default Proudly South African

    Proudly South African

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    Proudly South African... I had the privilege to have met Captain Trembath, her parents stay here in our little village of Ladismith....

    World news... The all "women" flight... Read for yourself!

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    This is how far I got and just cant figure it out... I mailed the developer but would most probably not get any answer.
    Name:  Cant find desktop Icon.jpg
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    Name:  What now....jpg
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    After a whole night... Make runways is in the Scenery FS9... Its a lot of different programs and downloads that must be placed together and the instructions isn't very clear.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I still got nowhere to open any window as given by the screenshots in the instructions.

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    Don't bother to contact the given e-mail in the files. He just answered to to seek help at the FS software developers forum. I'll only try today to figure out this hieroglyphics and then officially give up. If there was only a tutorial how to prepare your PC... to get to the point where you have everything set-up correctly... then go to tutorial videos on how to do stuff...

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    A tutorial like this... only for FS9. This one for FSX is very clear, and all the others for FSX.

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    Thanks to "Anonymous" for your mail via my blog contact form. Thank you for the kind words. I will honor your request and many thanks for helping me! Awesome gift you gave me this time of the year in a time of giving... A gift of knowledge. Thank you soo much, I'm sure I'll get it right now!

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    My airport is somewhere... I had some morning as I played the local pipes for the Christmas service... My mind was not all there! My mind is with my airport. build my runway that is now a XML document in FS9 and going in to the regular airport or add-on's, it not visible. Maybe I need a little more help... please...

    I created my runway using my car GPS coordinates... well more or less. I flew to my village, bush bashing my little virtual Cessna to get the sim altitude. More or less 2400 ft, 33.30715 and 21.15385 plus the odd numbers...

    I turned my runway heading 30 and think that will be right as the opposite can only be 12. Just added a fuel station and beginning and end. Nothing else... O ja, and a VOR for 108,2.
    Maybe if someone can just guide me what to to with the XML file to fly my airport?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    do you have it showing in FS? Or not?

    And, what ICAO code (4 letter code) did you choose for the airport?

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    Hi, I used FA1L FA South Africa 1 my own choice and L for Ladismith. So it's not showing in FS and the only reference I have on FS is the XML file. Going back into ADE, I dont think its creating my airport when I hit the create tab. A block with errors show.

    What I basically did was to move Robertson airfield, Create the new runway on that, removed the orginal Roberson runway, changed the altitude and thats it.

    From my obove post, I entered the info... Not sure if this would work?
    Thanks for advice!

    I copy and paste the xml content...
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

    <!-- Created by Scenery Design Engine (SDE) on 2017/12/25 -->

    -<FSData xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="bglcomp.xsd" xmlns:xsi="" version="9.0">

    <ExclusionRectangle excludeAllObjects="TRUE" longitudeMaximum="19.9016965924711" longitudeMinimum="19.901620001" latitudeMaximum="-33.81618153" latitudeMinimum="-33.8162451642567"/>

    <ExclusionRectangle excludeAllObjects="TRUE" longitudeMaximum="19.9016965924711" longitudeMinimum="19.901620001" latitudeMaximum="-33.81618153" latitudeMinimum="-33.8162451642567"/>

    -<SceneryObject imageComplexity="VERY_SPARSE" heading="0" bank="0" pitch="0" altitudeIsAgl="TRUE" alt="0.0F" lon="21.1555085404168" lat="-33.3067033466609">

    -<Trigger triggerHeight="0.0F" type="REFUEL_REPAIR">

    <Fuel type="73" availability="NO"/>

    <Fuel type="100" availability="YES"/>

    <Vertex biasZ="-32.28M" biasX="15.44M"/>

    <Vertex biasZ="-31.72M" biasX="-16.56M"/>

    <Vertex biasZ="0.28M" biasX="-16.0M"/>

    <Vertex biasZ="-0.28M" biasX="16.0M"/>



    -<SceneryObject imageComplexity="VERY_SPARSE" heading="180.999755859375" bank="0" pitch="0" altitudeIsAgl="TRUE" alt="0.0F" lon="21.1555085404168" lat="-33.3067033466609">

    <LibraryObject scale="1.00" name="781c410649258ca975d080afe913f7b2"/>


    -<Airport alt="2400.0F" lon="21.153859797" lat="-33.30715664" name="Ladismith" ident="FARS" magvar="19" city="Ladismith" country="South Africa">


    <Fuel type="100" availability="YES"/>


    <DeleteAirport deleteAllApproaches="FALSE" deleteAllApronLights="TRUE" deleteAllAprons="TRUE" deleteAllTaxiways="TRUE" deleteAllFrequencies="TRUE" deleteAllHelipads="TRUE" deleteAllStarts="TRUE" deleteAllRunways="TRUE"/>

    <Tower alt="0.0F" lon="21.153859797" lat="-33.30715664"/>

    -<Runway heading="30.1946567781651" alt="2400.0F" lon="21.152419463" lat="-33.30715664" secondaryPattern="LEFT" secondaryLanding="YES" secondaryTakeoff="YES" primaryPattern="LEFT" primaryLanding="YES" primaryTakeoff="YES" patternAltitude="457.2F" designator="NONE" number="0" width="60.0M" length="1500.0M" surface="ASPHALT">

    <Markings ident="FALSE" secondaryStol="FALSE" primaryStol="FALSE" secondaryClosed="FALSE" primaryClosed="FALSE" singleEnd="FALSE" edgePavement="FALSE" precision="FALSE" dashes="FALSE" touchdown="FALSE" fixedDistance="FALSE" threshold="FALSE" edges="FALSE"/>

    <Lights centerRed="FALSE" edge="NONE" center="NONE"/>


    <Start heading="30.1946567781651" alt="2400.0F" lon="21.148438675" lat="-33.312873602" type="RUNWAY" designator="NONE" number="0"/>

    <Start heading="0" alt="2400.0F" lon="21.156331851" lat="-33.301469635" type="RUNWAY" designator="NONE" number="30"/>

    <TaxiName name="" index="0"/>


    <Vor alt="640.0F" lon="21.15276343" lat="-33.306616734" type="TERMINAL" name="" ident="VORA" magvar="23.5" region="FA" range="27.0N" frequency="108.200" dmeOnly="FALSE" dme="FALSE"> </Vor>


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