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Thread: Old and new, fresh project flight simulator.

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    Thanks. I'll evaluate that flight tonight.

    Hubli is very good to simulate skill flying with instruments. The easy way to land Hubli is to fly from VAGO to VAHB with a Caravan. Stall speed on the edge, 2200 ft and in the down apply reverse thrust and you configured for a landing on the runway.

    Taking off from VAHB is getting interesting. If you want to... Taxi around the floor or basin... bundu bashing as we call it in Africa. After that see flight analysis. That shows how big your boundaries are.

    Use the Skyhawk or 182. Fly a crosswind leg after take-off. Use your Turn coordinator, Altimeter, Flaps, throttle, aileron and rudder during flight.Flying with a yoke is easier than a joystick.

    In the video I used the regular cockpit view as most fly like this. I suggest plugging that extra computer screen to your computer. Fly multi screen.

    Now you get the best experience learning to fly, understanding circuit and instrument flying. The terminology and skill real pilots use and using instruments that is normally ignored by simulator pilots.
    Enjoy this video.

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    A very nice and easy method to evaluate your own and someone else flight. Weight count total 100 in 10 fields gives an automatic percentage. I capture my flights and evaluate them afterwards with SWOT analysis, Strong points, Weak points, Opportunities and Threats. Here is a simple format to allocate points. The diagram is simple and needs no explanation.
    Name:  Flight Evaluation.jpg
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    Sorry for Spelling errors... English not first language...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgf View Post
    BTW, if you would like an interesting, though not realistic, flight there is a scenery glitch in Arkansas that creates a 15,000 ft deep pit with a waterfall down one side; it is large enough to fly down and land in, and FS9 models the air density down there (makes a helicopter descent quite laborious). Start from Glenn Winchester airport (2AR6) and fly south for about 6 miles. I've seen screenshots of someone purporting to fly in, land, and fly back out in a 737 ...I've only made the trip in ultralights and helicopters.
    I looked at that and not my fancy to try it. The India hole is more doable and to my liking. I'll rather spend more time at VAHB... or other challenges.

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    This video tutorial on landing at VABH will help the FSX pilots as well as far as undocking for the best visible landscape. I know most fly with a single screen. I un-docked the screens to the nose line of the aircraft. Everything is visible with the maximum view. As far as this challenge... finish, completed got the T-shirt.

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    Here is my blog write-up about the Hubli challenge. Google should pick up the link soon should anyone google the fault in future. I think I tagged all correct.

    After the 27th of this month, I'll start building my flight simulator.

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    Here is a good airport design tutorial by CountryFlyboy on Youtube.
    I learned creating/editing airports with this tutorial.
    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivanivanov View Post
    Here is a good airport design tutorial by CountryFlyboy on Youtube.
    I learned creating/editing airports with this tutorial.
    Good luck.
    Thanks for the link. Although its more about modifying a existent airport, I want to just lay down a runway at non existent runway at a location. I don't worry about buildings taxi ways and what what... Just to have a runway for... Ladismith. There are two places in SA with similar names Ladismith and Ladysmith making our mail a misery!

    I was given a few links and guidelines to other add-on scenery that may include Ladismith but it wasn't available. Our airstrip was initially a private field and doesn't appear on Skyvector anyway.

    Next week I'll start building my simulator, but will start with the screen first. Then the air-plain console. The 16: 9 aspect ratio in FS9 project very well without a enormous horizontal stretching. The following two screenshots will show my windscreen and the third my instrument panel in relation to my screen and note the position of the instrument console in relation to the windscreen area.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	George FAGG 16 to 9.jpg 
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    Both Screenshots fits one pic.
    Name:  Comparrison.jpg
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    I found this site and downloaded all the downloads and will try building my airport, but to be honest, it looks difficult and above my fire place, but will try.

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    Gave up... The stuff installed but no Icon anywhere to open this screen as by instructions. Way too difficult even understanding the instructions.
    Name:  Dont see ADE ICON.jpg
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    I want to share my story… my love for flying.

    I was still a kid, had aeroplanes all over my bedroom. My birthday gift was at the time a flight around Cape Town in the brand new 747 Combi, Swartberg, at the time. SAA got 3 Combi’s at the time, Swarberg, Drakensberg and Helderberg. South Africa was deeply sanctioned by the whole world. Only the East, Britain, and Russia had precipical agreements with South Africa.

    The main video on my youtube channel (fiat300pct) is me boarding the Swartberg in the 70’s. For you guy’s that watched Mayday air disaster would know the story of the Helderberg that went down off the coast of Mauritius. In 1983 I took as a 17 year old my first private pilot licence classes. I finished High school in the same year and was called up for compulsory military service.

    The air force was full and I was send to Anti Aircraft Regiment and became a radar operator on the Swiss made LPD 20 systems. Aircraft recognition was the main subject. South Africa was at war… The South African bush war, which is known as the Country of Namibia these days. I served in sector 10.

    After that I never pursued flying again and found myself in the trucking industry. A near fatal truck accident in a notorious mountain pass landed me in hospital for nine months.

    I was given a recovery wish… and I wanted to fly. Well, since the real thing wasn’t an option anymore, I was given the original FS9 pack that I still have today. During recovery I flew around the world in my virtual DC3. I got involved in a sim flying group and got to meet real pilots, real planes and real flights.

    Now my passion woke up…. I want to fly again… complete that bucket list…

    South Africa produced awesome pilots in the world… Google around for a SAA 747 Low flying at a air show in France… and watch my most precious video… a very small me and a awesome 747 low flight around Cape Town.

    I love and miss you dad... I will never forget you!

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