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Thread: Old and new, fresh project flight simulator.

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    If there is a problem, just explain the problem.

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    It's not in the exe file. And reinstalling anything is not needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by il88pp View Post
    It's not in the exe file. And reinstalling anything is not needed.
    I need to find the English first... hehehe... It's like finding links, if you google wrong, the result is wrong. Like in my previous post and the reply... The moment the link pop up, I found it and it worked.

    The screen I refer to... Is this one...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Add on Scenery Win 7.jpg 
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Size:	276.0 KB 
ID:	200852
    That screen have grown on the win 7 pc. Not to get the scenery faults of removed stuff, the blocks is unchecked. After a re-install that screen don't change. Correct, I figured it didn't write in the exe file.

    That screen I call a "skin". The short around a long explanation is, how to get rid of the unwanted stuff that is not checked. ( That's why I'm glad its not like that on my win 10 pc!)

    While I'm at my flight sim cockpit.
    The following image I got from the net give me a starting point. It is from a forum members project.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	post-711.gif 
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ID:	200853

    The next step after that, is the windscreen view. One of the questions I have about using a windscreen projector is that most diagrams show 2 projectors and "glide-slope's" using one. I understand his project as it was well described. What is the amount of "deformity" on the sides using one projector?

    For my cockpit I have tested the screen use, to cut the holes to match virtual instruments. I will eventually use only 2 screens for my setup that is proven to work in FS. One for instruments and the other windscreen projection.

    The interfaces is already built and works. I might have to get a feeling of the real yoke to match that to the sim cockpit. That was well described in another fellow's blog and how they did it.

    On Monday the Engineering places open and I'll get input towards the motion platform on the swivel that don't need to be higher than 300 mm or 6 Inches. I contacted two places on ideas and both seems very interested to give input and advice on the possibility to make this project work.

    Basically software wise I'm ready to "pitch" my concept to the hardware side. When I go to CT and explain, I have the software side set-up to underline the hardware concept.

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    That screen is simply 'the scenery library' or 'the scenery library list'.

    To remove an area from the list, select the area by clicking on it and click 'delete area' on the right.
    Files will not be deleted when you do that.

    Are you getting error messages when starting fs2004?
    Answer that question please.

    If no error messages then you do not need to mess with the file that is responsible for that list.
    Even if there are errors when starting fs it's usually not needed.

    Messing with that file can really screw things up.
    Stay away from it unless you have no other choice. 99.9% of the time it's not needed to mess with that file.

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    Ok... I get no errors as unwanted blocks is unchecked. I was just curios where and how that file is created. It only exist on the win 7 machine telling me it must be in the OS. The win 10 where I didn't test my creations is all 100%.

    It's real easy to format and reload the win 7 PC. Not the win 10 as it's filled with updates and all complicated. That's why I took note when you mentioned this in the tutorial. I thought twice before updating ... adding scenery in win 10.

    I think this is useful information for people thinking of adding things in win 10. Somewhere some screen will start to look messy if you start to remove unwanted things. So think twice before adding things on a win 10 pc.

    This is what I'm talking about...
    Win 10 neat...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Scenery lib win 10.jpg 
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Size:	321.6 KB 
ID:	200854
    Win 7 messy... but no errors as blocks are unchecked.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Scenery lib win 7.jpg 
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Size:	275.7 KB 
ID:	200855

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    You don't have to think twice about adding a flolder with an airport in it.

    You DO need to think twice before deleting a folder from your computer.
    Before you do that you need to go to the scenery library ans "delete it from the scenery library list".
    (By selecting the area in the list, and clicking on the right on: Delete Area. (the button is in your screenshot.)

    What i do is to leave them in.
    I give every version a different named folder. And I make sure the .bgl file is a different name too.
    That way it is easy to know in the list what is what.
    And I can test different version, simply by selecting one, and de-selecting the other.

    I name airport versions names like:

    (sometimes with _ but often folder names without _

    I don't find it messy at all. The only versions I remove from the list, and then delete the folder, are versions that cause an error.

    With and airport in the list, but not activated, all is well.
    Only the version with the X in front of it will show in FS2004.

    Again, adding one is never a problem.
    If you add one for the second time, no worries, FS2004 will tel you: "cannot add this aArea, it is already in the List".

    It's only when you want to "DELETE a folder from Addonscenery/sceney on THE PC harddrive" that you need to be careful.
    Last edited by il88pp; 01-05-2018 at 02:33 PM.

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    Thanks for that and I see and understand your method. I also see what I overlooked. Maybe I a bit cautious going about it. Something else I thought of now is to keep a file for lets call it "experiments". Always use that one till the project is successful to earn its own unique entry.

    I cant wait for next week to give feedback on my sim project and a awesome motion solution, fast, effective, not working with hydraulics or electric motors! I'm just on that final stages with a engineering co that's all interested in this!

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    I should have added something.

    When I say: "I name the folders/files....." I mean: before/during creating them!!
    Do Not rename the folders after they are created.
    If you do want to rename them, you can, but.... First remove them from the scenery library list!
    Then rename them in the "../Addon scenery" folder,
    (then add them to the library list again if you want.)

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    Once again thanks for the information. I place it in a dedicated folder. Now my win 7 also looks neat! The FABW is my own and not the downloads, same with FASH. I like what I created and they are special to me.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Neat.jpg 
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Size:	282.0 KB 
ID:	200868
    I think I can send your minds to the direction of the platform for my sim. The idea from one of the engineers I contacted was to use truck trailer airbags whereby valves release and supply air. Such a motion platform was already build by them for a movie set near Cape Town. The old ships close to Somerset West.

    The bags release and supply air from a 8 bar compressor quick enough and according to them the bags can handle 500 kilos each easily. The sim is not close to that heavy. The lighter the sim the more quicker the action can be.

    On our last mail, the center post is not needed and 4 bags can simulate the air frame movement. The weird and wonderful thing is, such a platform is not very expensive at all. The design trick the the valves connected to the yoke.

    That's about all I have for now about the concept. Google around this and you'll see some potential.

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    Nice idea, airbags. Whatever you do, make sure it's safe. Planes can make sudden movements. Make sure your device doesn't throw you against a wall at 40 miles an hour.
    There is the cockpit builders forum here. Those guys and galls may know more.

    Happy building!

    In case you didn't know, to find all the forums you can navigate clicking here at the top of the pages:
    Name:  navigate.JPG
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Size:  63.2 KB

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