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Thread: A380 Missing Virtual Cockpit

  1. Default A380 Missing Virtual Cockpit

    Installed British Airways A380 in FSX from this file.

    VC is aliased to the A321 but doesn't show up when A380 is loaded in FSX. No VC.

    Any help to correct is appreciated.

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    It actually say's in the description that it's "Without virtual cockpit". I personally think that the Project Airbus A380 is a better model.

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    Paul, thank you. I missed that in reading.

    Never mind the question.

    This seems to be an attempt by Andreas Meyer to attempt to sell his work.

    The cameras and other aspects are not included in the model.

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    Ray - Another thing that is strange, why would they alias an A321 panel (2 engine a/c) to a A380 (4 engine a/c)? Just an observation..................


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