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Thread: Elevator trim tabs versus adjustable tailplane

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    Sorry - you did say that but I missed it. I guess "STABILITY WITH AIRSPEED" caught my eye and diverted my attention.

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    Some notes on trim tabs. I believe that the elevators on the Goodyear Blimp are completely controlled by the trim tabs on them. The rudders are similar. It allows the operator to move a huge control surface with a wheel about the size of a car's steering wheel.

    Another thing I've noticed with the USB trim wheel is that when you want the nose to go up you push the trim where as if the top was going forward, which feels like pushing the nose down. The trim tab is going one way to make the control surface go the other way. Another thing I've noticed, from forgetting to trim the C172 for takeoff, is that once I've figured my mistake out (by barely climbing with full back pressure) that the trim on this a/c acts like the kind that adjusts the front part of the elevator (as on a Piper Cub). I don't the real 172 is like that, based on pictures that fail to show the adjustment for the front of the elevator like on a cub:

    So, I'll be climbing out, yoke in my lap, trim up, and be able to start climbing better and return the yoke to the middle. That's fine, I loves me some flight simulator.

    'Glichy' controls or switches and don't want to pay for new ones? Read on... You can bring a controller back to life by exercising it through it's full range of motion or from maximum to minimum and back again 50 times. I had a Logitech joystick that gave left rudder without touching it but turning it 50X fixed it.

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