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Thread: Problem with Editvoicepack 3.1

  1. Default Problem with Editvoicepack 3.1

    Trying to update the EVP callsigns I get the errormessage that EVP can't open the EditVoicepackData.xml-file. What is the problem?

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    First. is this problem related to a new install of EVP or has it occurred following use over a period of time.............

    If a new install, the location you have installed it may be the issue. If you have installed it into C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) folders then the problem is probably related to Windows UAC permissions. Either change the install location to a folder outside of this folders - for example I place all my FSX utilities apps such as EVP in a folder called D:\FSX Utilities (I have all related FSX stuff installed on a second drive) OR turn off UAC to see if it allows you to update in its current location - if you don't know what UAC is and the pros and cons about turning it off google it.

    If it is an install that has been working until now the probable reason is that the .xml file has become corrupted. The file is normally located in a subfolder called DataFiles which is located within the main EVP install folder. Options available to resolve this issue......

    Option 1 - Rename the current file to something like EditVoicepackData_old.xml or EditVoicepackData.BAK and then close the folder. Fire up EVP - it will hopefully create a new file. Close EVP and then navigate back to the folder and see if a new file has been created. If yes restart EVP and then try an update. If good you can add more updates as required.

    Option 2 - Reinstall - this will mean, however, that you will probably need to reinstall previous updates that you have added.


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    I had this too. Don't know the cause. I think it may have been the last quality rollup. Or perhaps i did something that messed up user permissions somehow.

    I got around it by running evp as admin.

    Because of more issues I ended up restoring a 2 month old System Image. (fresher ones were already affected.)

    Now everything seems ok again. But not fully back up to speed yet. Holding off on doing my pending winupdates until I'm up to speed.

    Win7-64 home premium.

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