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Thread: WOW! These large ads and pop-ups are annoying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmatt569 View Post
    Hi All,

    I started a thread on this subject a while back and it got a lot of attention as did this one. I got to thinking about things and took the advice of Zippy and others and got the First Class Membership. I DO enjoy this hobby and FlightSim.Com makes it just that much more enjoyable. I've been on here as a "belly member" for too long. I was putting up with the ads but when it got right down to it I guess $30 for a years worth of entertainment that I get from this site is pretty cheap. I encourage the rest to drop a bit into the kitty as well so we all can continue to enjoy FlightSim.

    I congratulate you Sir on your good judgement! Your "secret handshake" has been sent. Now if anyone else has been paying attention to this thread, you should already know what the "secret" is!
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    My few pennies for this topic:

    I am using Firefox, the most recent version of it to be specific, along with uBlock Origin and some other addons.
    Whenever there is the chance for a website to get some money with the displayed ads (and I support that way of the admin(s) getting a little money off it), I disable uBlock Origin, unless there is no problem with the website's performance. There are reasons why Adblockers have become so famous, one reason being the high CPU usage of animated ads on older machines.

    For FlightSim.Com, the ads might be a little intrusive especially for hardcore long time users, but surely not as intrusive as thousands of pop-ups trying to lead you to some scamimg/phishing site. Websites using that kind of adverts surely have some kind of shady business going on...

    As long as I can be sure that the admin(s) are not milking the last dime out of their users, I gladly disable my adblocker - milking the last dime out of their users being e.g. super obtrusive ads (e.g. of fine girls living near you and so on... you get the gist); or even BitCoin-miners running in the background without letting the user know (until the user notices how their machine is heating up).

    I guess that is a fair compromise - slow speeds (well, 50kb/s * 2 for that one parallel download one might have running) and a few not-so-obtrusive ads.

    But a little critic... just a little!
    As long as the ads are getting a little more optimized, every advert on this site can be seen as acceptable imo (as a user that uses this website and its functionalities for free of course)

    Why optimized? Well, take a look:

    This ad is way too wide to be displayed. This is not only the case for this unique advert, but for the whole area where this kind of wide ad is displayed. I'm using a FullHD 1920x1080-screen, if that is useful.
    A little fixing there and my only critic can be seen as outdated.
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