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Thread: I'm in France Again, I Don't Know Where...

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    I'm in France Again, I Don't Know Where...Oh yes it's Aix-les-Bains(LFLB) this time.
    The city of Aix-les-Bains(departure location) raises from the shores of the largest glacial (non man-made) lake in France, the Lac du Bourget.

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    I appreciate you looking at this pictorial, please feel free to comment if you wish...Darryl

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    Superb set of captures Darryl!

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    Beautiful Twinstar here. The Diesel engines are so cool. Gorgeous landscapes ! Mike

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    Beautiful pics. of this flight Darryl. Fantastic scenery too!

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    Just beautiful

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    ils sont formidable!
    FS painter at the Hangar.
    you'll find all my repaints here.

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