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Thread: Video: Why Flight Simulation should be taught in school

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    Default Video: Why Flight Simulation should be taught in school

    Dear aviators,

    Last week one of the biggest Flight Simulation conventions in Europe was held in the Netherlands (Lelystad), called FS weekend.

    I was invited to give an one-hour talk about the thrill and educational value of flight simulation. My main message was about why flight simulation may interest pretty much anyone and why flight simulation should be taught in schools.

    To substantiate the claim, among other things, I provided insight into home flight simulation practice (hardware, software, training, etc.) and expect that this info might interest newcomers here at the flightsim forums too.

    Since my talk was in Dutch, I recorded the talk at home in English to be able to share my work with you:

    (skip to 26m34 for the bit about how to start with home flight simulation)

    Blue skies,

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    Very nicely done sir! Thanks for sharing your efforts.
    Bill Leaming
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