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Thread: Boeing 747 Navigation Display giving incorrect SID information?

  1. Default Boeing 747 Navigation Display giving incorrect SID information?

    Hey guys, when I enter the SID I'm using in the APP/DEP page in the FMC and execute I get a solid line that goes straight off the runway and doesn't turn it just keeps going straight, however once I delete the SID which for instance mine was "SYKES7" the navigation line turns and goes to my next waypoint, any idea of what's going on? I watched a Youtube video explaining why and what to do but I forgot. Any help is much appreciated!!

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    Can I please get some help on this?

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    System specs, version of P3D, specific aircraft you are talking about, what addons and extras you have installed?

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    i7 7700k 4.2 Ghz GTX 1080 32 GB RAM
    PMDG Boeing 747
    Prepar3D V4
    No add-ons it's a clean install, like I said I seen it in a YouTube video, the person said it does happen sometimes to everyone. If you need more info I'll post a picture

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    ... Still need assistance here.

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    Because that is how the SYKES7 departure works.

    You fly on the given heading and then you are vectored to SYKES.

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