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Thread: FlyingCarpet 75 issue

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    While trying to install ai for my sim, I found out FlyingCarpet 75 is down. Anyone know why it happened or when it is gonna be back up?

    This is what I see from my end.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well it seemed to work yesterday evening but it is still acting up right now.

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    I assume no one knows the answer?

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    FlyingCarpet75 has been down for a few days now... sometimes it comes up but only for an hour or so...
    The funny part is that NOW that I'm trying to put together my AI traffic in P3D this issue pops out... Murphy's Law?


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    My ai stuff was going so well until this happened. Still waiting for a response.

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    Might check the Alpha India website. More information about this problem. I noticed it to and had to work around downloading some repaints.

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