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Thread: Newbie Question FS2004 Enhancements

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    Default Newbie Question FS2004 Enhancements

    Hi All,

    I am new to Flight Sims and have little experience with setting up and making changes to games. With that said, I enjoy learning on FS2004 and it's lot of fun.

    I would like to know which, if any products would help me to create a more realistic experience. I would like to improve the terrain features and effects for Propliners from the 1930-40's. Is there any vintage Terrain or Airports for the USA? What products would improve the basic effects, sky, sounds or whatever?

    It would also be nice to make some minor changes on the livery and finally, is there a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to make these changes so I don't foul anything up with the program. I will be happy to purchase the add-ons or, if there are free downloads that are simple to install, so much the better.

    Any information would be appreciated,
    Thank You,

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    Hi Robert, the vintage features you're looking for are all here:
    For a how-to guide on changing the livery we have a Painter's Workshop on the forums here:
    Finally, if you're going to make changes you're going to foul something up! Don't worry, as Einstein said: "He who never made a mistake, never did anything", and we're all here to help if you do foul something up.
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    Thank You Tiger1962!!!!

    That's exactly what I was I looking for. I don't mind fouling up on most things...but computers have changed so much I get a little nervous messing with them. The livery software looks like fun. The vintage scenery will make every one of my crashes looks spectacular! (grin) Actually, I can get the gear up before I cartwheel into the trees.

    Thanks again!!

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    Hi Check out the site link below for a freeware program, it an all-in one FS2004 graphics upgrade for sky, sea, plus all other default environment, it also upgrades land texturing world wide with programing to set the green, arid and semi arid areas to resemble what is there in the real world, package includes a turbo version of the default Beech Baron. all package in a hassle free professional quality installer .exe file, the sit also has a FS9 .cfg document to improve the FS9 visual experience.
    There is a lot of freeware and pay ware terrain mesh out there I use global 10 pay ware, what is best, hard to say.

    Web :
    Mail : [email protected]

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    Thank you for your tips. There seems to be a lot of vintage scenery and Livery options for the 1940-1960's, many of which are nicely done. I'm looking for some 1930's era scenery for the USA primarily. DC-2's, DC-3's, Tri-Motors, and early Mail Planes. I purchased a DC-2 and downloaded a variety optional items.

    Once I teach myself how to do repaints and scenery, I may try my hand at creating some 1930's era US Terminals, vehicles and such. We'll see how much this old brain can take.
    Thanks to everyone who has dropped in to help me find scenery and such. It's all very much appreciated!
    All My Best,

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    try using the silverwings world texture package with some addon trees of your choice. also, check this out.
    it is freeware world enhancement best used with FSUIPC sweetfx of enb. very good addons. the ford trimotor project is very good for airplanes and old scenery. hope this helps

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