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Thread: Bush flying in FS9?

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    Default Bush flying in FS9?

    Hi Alles!

    I found YouTube videos on how to fly like a bush pilot. They come in with about a 12° angle of attack with a high power setting, and they seem to drop right out of the sky. I can't do it in the J-3C Cub but am wondering if the Maule would do it, or if I could change the settings for the Cub so it would do that but fly regularly in other phases of flight. Links to the videos below. Thoughts?

    Backcountry Aviation's STOL Tips: (The Approach)

    Backcountry Aviation's STOL Tips: (The Landing)

    Backcountry Aviation's STOL Tips (Tricycle Gear Airplanes)
    'Glichy' controls or switches and don't want to pay for new ones? Read on... You can bring a controller back to life by exercising it through it's full range of motion or from maximum to minimum and back again 50 times. I had a Logitech joystick that gave left rudder without touching it but turning it 50X fixed it.

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    The Cub can't do it because it doesn't have flaps, but the Super Cub does:
    It's the weapon of choice for real bush pilots to this day - they're making a carbon fibre version with a glass cockpit now:
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    With the Super Cub you don't need an airfield, a football pitch is big enough.

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