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Thread: FSX Caribbean Landing

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    Default FSX Caribbean Landing

    Atterrissage à l'aéroport international Princess Juliana, à Saint Martin, à bord d'un CRJ 700. Soutien aux victimes de l'ouragan Irma.
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    Very nice smooth landing and it's mad how it looks. Awesome

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    Thank you Jflight17

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    Sweet - well done!


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    Thank you tgon

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    Great landing.
    What is the programme you are using in FSX please as i would like to purchase
    Many thanks
    [email protected]

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    Hello barrington,
    Thank you for watching, I use Ftx global, Rex essential plus overdrive and Dx10 scenery fixer. These add-on are very nice and make your Fsx more interesting and very realistic.
    I also have other add-on but it's not show in this video.
    Have a niçe fsx upgrade.

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