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Thread: Unable to reinstall FSX

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    Quote Originally Posted by napamule2 View Post
    When you have FSX installed and re-install the OS (Win 10 in this case) the registry will not have the FSX entries. When you install FSX the OS will write those entries. Best to un-install FSX. Use the above 'reset' tool. Then re-install FSX. Otherwise you will have a mess (if you don't already). FSX writes to C drive even if you install FSX to D drive. When you re-install the OS those files will no longer be there. Garbage in-Garbage out. Do it right.
    Chuck B
    Foregive me Chuck, if I'm not very clear when I try to describe the situation. When I start from scratch, the C drive of mu portable PC gets erased completely. No files remain, not even FSX. As I said, I've done this before. So when I go tio install FSX it is as if it were installed for the first time ever... There is nothing to delete anymore, no hidden files or whatever...

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    Grasping for a straw, but have you tried formatting this drive before installing the OS?


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    Cleared system, fine, irrelevant.

    you then tried to install fsx,
    installer stalled, correct?
    you cancelled the installer, correct?
    you then tried running it again, correct?

    When yo do that, the installer already writes in the registry entries the first
    time, before the installer stalled.

    So the second time, install does not work. As the registry entries are there already.
    You then get 1722 and 1603

    Microsoft had a fix for that, kb928080. Removes the registry entries.
    Microsoft no longer offers that fix file.
    But it is still available on FlyAwaySimulation.
    As resetsldl.exe.

    You need to run that exactly following the included instructions. ...Exactly!
    (Including using an "Administrator Command Prompt".)
    There's a bit more to it then simply running resetsldl.exe and sitting back.

    That removes the registry entries, so you can try again.
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    To stop the installer from stalling again, uninstall your CD/DVD burner program.
    Or uncheck it's applications in the list of programs that start up automatically with your pc and reboot. Then
    re-enable it after everything (including acceleration / SP2) is installed.

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    Two things to try.......

    Option 1 - Try unregistering/re-registering Windows Installer as follows......

    Open the Run command and in the 'Open' box type msiexec /unreg (note the space between msiexec and /) and then click OK. Once it has run open a new Run command and type msiexec/regserver (again, note the space between msiexec and /).

    Option 2 - Run the System File Check (SFC) utility. SFC can be used to scan the integrity of all protected operating system files and replaces incorrect, corrupted, changed, or damaged versions with the correct versions where possible.

    To run SFC open Run command and type CMD and then click OK.

    The resulting window should show an entry similair to this - C:\Users\youracctname>
    Type cd\ and hit enter - this will take you back to the C:\ prompt

    To start SFC type one of the command lines listed below and hit enter

    If you just want to verify only type sfc /verifyonly (note the space between sfc and "/") - using this option no changes will be made if errors are found and when it has finished it will display a list of any errors found.

    If you want to find and repair errors type sfc /scannow (again note the space between sfc and /) - using this option the program will automatically attempt to repair any errors found. At the end of the process one of the following messages will be displayed:

    Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.
    Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them.
    Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them.

    Note: The process can take a long while to run and may seem to have stalled - it hasn't just wait until you get the one of the messages stated above. If is also worth noting that you may have to run the utility several times to fix all the problems. If the first run found multiple problems and states that it was unable to fix some of them, rerun SFC again. This is because one or more of the un-repaired problem file(s) probably relies on one of the now fixed files to be running correctly to run itself.


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