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Thread: Need guidance regarding smooth running of FSX

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    Browser closed, no other programs besides FSX running, in your Settings/Customized/Aircraft uncheck lens flare and light bloom. Set the water slider at 2, AI traffic at 35%.
    Sliders like AutoGen, Scenery Complexity can be maxed out.

    Now I see you are using the "Not Appropriate" AI program. No soup for you!
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    I have un and installed FSX Gold (Acceleration) 3 times. And one thing I MUST do is DEFRAG the HDrives (C and D in this case). I got (free) 'Defraggler' 64 bit (Win 7 Pro 64 bit). Works like a charm. Without defrag FSX would not run the same. Nobody tells you everything.
    Chuck B
    Edit: And as for processes (you are not aware of) there is one that eats up CPU and it auto installs/runs in Win 10. It's called 'Xbox' recorder and I hear it's bad news for laptops (Steam forums).
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    I don't know if I'm allowed to give this sort of advice, I only know it works perfect on my machine old Intel Quad.
    When starting the FSX call the task manager, process tab right-click on FSX there and select "set affinity". then choose all cores. Then Set priority "Above Normal". don't start with "High" It may crash your system, but it won't cause any permanent damage, you can always try it.
    I'm only saying it because you have twice as many cores as me and mine works fine.
    Can't wait for my i9 "18 cores" Woohoo! still saving .....

    Napamule: I heard about that Xbox recorder too... Not much good for Desktops either!! "Very much lag" they said.
    FSX Rules!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mealone View Post
    I'm only saying it because you have twice as many cores as me and mine works fine.
    Can't wait for my i9 "18 cores"
    FSX is, and always will be, predominantly a single-core program. Whilst limited multi-core functionality was introduced by the service packs, it's never been truly multi-core aware so adding cores will make very little difference to performance.

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    What matters for FSX is not the number of cores in the CPU, but the number of GHz it runs at. That's where your savings should go.


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