It depends what you want to fly. If you fly an Airbus or a DA20/40/42, a stick would be better. If you only want to fly Cessna's, a yoke would be better. But honestly it doesn't make much difference to the feel of it. You only grip a yoke gently with one hand anyway, which you either push or turn to move, similarly to a joystick, so it isn't really worth worrying about. And if you're flying a jet you'll be more concerned with automation than manual handling. In all cases the biggest thing you will get from manual flying on flight sim that will translate into the real world is improving your scan, in which case it doesn't make a difference.

For my part I own a £35 Thrustmaster Hotas. It is very good. The only let down is having no rudder pedals. I'm sure if you were desperate you could put up some pedals on the cheap.