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Thread: FS9 freezes, either with kneeboard or Alt+Tab

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    Unhappy FS9 freezes, either with kneeboard or Alt+Tab

    2 days ago I got (finally) my DF 727 boxed copy from Aerosoft. However, I've been facing the following issues:

    - When opening kneeboard, FS9 freezes and I get no longer any response. All options I googled point to IE11, but since it came with my Windows 7 installation, this is not an option. And since I'm running PF3 ATC, I can't find a way to disable the kneeboard.
    - If I choose to fly without ATC, and read the HTML files from outside FS (Opera browser instead), then I can't return to FS9: all I get is a blank screen, and the mouse pointer doing circles.

    I've reinstalled 2 or 3 times the 727, with no success. Playing with compatibility modes only ensured a CTD after selecting the aircraft. Windowed mode may help, but then I lose AA and thus, image quality is severely reduced. Also, it forces me not to use PF3 because of the kneeboard issue. Submitting a ticket at Aerosoft... after 24 h, my ticket disappeared without a trace (WTF?). At this time, I have no idea what to do before giving up and requesting a refund...

    Any ideas? I've read lots of good reviews about the plane, and I could confirm them with the only flight I was ever able to do (a quick pattern over KSEA).

    My system specs:
    Toshiba R835-P81
    Win7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
    Intel [email protected] GHz
    6 GB RAM
    Intel HD 3000 graphics (no way to force AA from driver)
    FS9 installed in C:\FS9
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    Best regards,
    Luis Hernández

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    Update: I got a reply from Aerosoft... sending me here

    In the meantime, I'm using a fake fullscreen mode: windowed mode + Borderless Gaming. At least the Alt+Tab issue is contained, and will be useful for when I get a new laptop (in this month, hopefully), but I'm still forced not to use PF3 due to the kneeboard issue.

    Any ideas for this?
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    Best regards,
    Luis Hernández

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    Best regards,
    Luis Hernández

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    Is it there anyone from Dreamfleet here?
    Best regards,
    Luis Hernández

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmhariano View Post
    Is it there anyone from Dreamfleet here?
    I'm afraid the Dreamfleet B727 is dead. I stopped in just to see what might have changed, if by chance there was something new on the Forum.

    The last update was almost 10 years ago. There was some talk of an FSX version, but that has long since passed. Too bad. The Dreamfleet B727 was one of the very best add-ons for FS9 and FSX, once you did the tweaks to make it work with the 64 bit OS. Did you check the forum to make sure that you've applied all the tweaks for a 64 bit system?

    Still hopeful that Paul & company will put out a P3Dv4 version. I can hope, after all Christmas is fast approaching!

    Take care,

    Rich Boll
    Wichita KS

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