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Thread: Froggie Air Virtual - UPDATE

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    Default Froggie Air Virtual - UPDATE

    Froggie Air is new but evolving and growing. We intend to provide a wide range of services. Our mission is to provide the best opportunity to the new sim pilot as well as the veteran sim pilot to have fun and enjoy flight simulation their way. We have many with over 500 hours and we have "Tech"people Few rules - many friends!
    At Froggie Air you fly YOUR way!
    We currently have 6 active hubs with more planned as need requires and members request!
    You - as members, can help this new Froggie Air grow from a Tadpole!
    Member opinions count here! We beleive in the "FLY-AS-YOU-WANT" policy.
    Fly What - Where-When you want as long as you have FUN!

    We are currently seeking active V-pilots
    As founder and CEO I welcome you to check our sites and join our community

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    Awesome site Froggie! I love the work you and your team do to make this the best airline to fly for!

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